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About BrewMaster Chillers


About BrewMaster

  Craft Brewing and Microbreweries are just one of the many applications that make Aqua Products BrewMaster Chillers one of the best designed chillers, made with pride in the USA.

   A key to the success to any beverage production process when brewing beer is the ability to control your “recipe” temperatures closely and efficiently with your glycol chiller system. The Aqua BrewMaster glycol chiller systems are designed to supply your brewery and process with the cold water you need, at the temperatures you must have, and in the amounts you call for.

   We realize there are a lot of options on the market to provide cooling for your brewery applications. It is our mission that each and every chiller we build is cared for as if we would be using it ourselves. We do not build “cookie cutter” machines or mass produce our units.

   We prefer our individualized approach, much the same as you are brewing – independent and artisan.

   Aqua Products has the chiller you need – whether your fit is a package unit or the extremely popular modular style that offers staging, redundancy, and the ability to simply add on to your system as production increases when your business grows. Why not look to a company who has become a leader for brewery applications? With over 20 years of experience, and a team that serves the entire beverage industry, you can rest assured that the system we provide will be the best for your beverage production needs.


BrewMaster Advantage


Team Approach

From sales to sizing to design, we will walk you through the entire process with our uniqe team approach.



20+ Years Experience

Serving the brewery industry since 1995, you can trust the experience behind each system we design. 



Custom Design

Whether you have a small microbrewery or an international distributor, we can taylor a solution for you. 



The Greatest Chillers Make the Best Beer!

BrewMaster Chillers Provide for some amazing beer. 


Aqua iSmart Glycol Chiller

Brewery 5 Ton Chiller HD 2012

Aqua iSmart Modular Glycol Chiller

The iSmart Modular Glycol Chiller is higly effiecient with a small footprint and is very quietl 


BrewMaster Beast


The BrewMaster Beast Glycol Chiller

The Beast is as its name suggests, the Beast of all Glycol Chillers. Fully custom design per application. 


BrewMaster Flex Chiller

Brewery 4PageBrochure 2016 FlexChiller

BrewMaster Flex Glycol Chiller

Flex Modular Glycol Chiller system is the easiest way to provide for future expansion.


Happy Customers

“I purchased and personally installed our Chiller in 2014.  It was a

simple installation and start-up.  I am very comfortable purchasing products that are made in the USA.

Bryan O’Neal, Owner/Brewmaster


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